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Chris Mortensen Reports That Tim Tebow Has Been Invited To NFL Draft

Since we are dealing with an exclusive, BREAKING NEWS Chris Mortensen report, we should probably take it with a grain of salt. That guy couldn’t break a story if it were inside an egg, whatever that means.  I just made it up.

Anyhoo, apparently Tim Tebow’s pro day was apparently such a resounding success that the NFL has invited him to the draft in New York City.

Longest. And. Most. Awkward. Green. Room. Wait. Ever.

Tebow, who unveiled his new throwing motion for scouts, coaches and general managers in his workout, has accepted the invitation from the league, according to an official. Two NFL personnel men told ESPN that Tebow’s workout on Wednesday boded well for the Gators quarterback, especially with those teams that were considering him as a high draft prospect.

Bullshit. If a team is stupid enough to draft Tebow early in the second round, let alone late in the first, they should be kicked out of the league and forced to join the UFL or whatever the devil their calling that league.

I’m not kidding, if you thought it was awkward watching Brady Quinn sweat his way through the first twenty-two picks before mercifully getting selected by the Browns, you ain’t seen nothing yet. With the first two rounds now split over a Thursday and a Friday, followed by the final four rounds on Saturday, it could very well mean that Tebow is in for a long, long weekend in New York City. Maybe with all the spare time, he can take a moment and utilize his divine powers to wash all the scum and sin off the streets.

It could happen. But seriously, one piece of advice, Tebowner. Do us all a favor a bring along some eye candy.

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