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Rick Majerus Is So Angry He Could Eat

At the same time, this is pretty much standard operating procedure for the St. Louis University Billikens head basketball coach. For example, there have been times he has been so happy he could eat, so thirsty he could eat, so tired he could eat and so full he could eat, so I suppose his ravenous hunger says little about his current mood.

Nevertheless, Majerus is pretty pissed off about the fact that his SLU squad was not selected to participate in the NIT. Whaaaa? Majerus realizes that the NIT  is a second tier tournament, which barely rises above the prestige of playing in the College Invitational Tournament, right?  SLU will begin play in tonight against Indiana State, but given his remarkable pedigree, Majerus should be ashamed that his team was gunning for a spot in the NIT and were let down when they were not selected.

But don’t tell that to Majerus. He says they was snubbed! Snubbed, I tells ya!

“I don’t want (not making the NIT) to diminish the great season the team had, and you can underscore ‘great,'” Majerus said Monday. “I’ve had many great seasons, and this is as good a season as I’ve had. What these kids did was nothing short of sensational. I feel bad for them.

“Nothing else matters. I don’t want to think about that tournament. Right now, I’m going every direction I can to tell the team, to get word out to the fans, we had a great year. A great year. It’s a shame. We were a little bit away. … No one can take away the great season we had. It’s just a shame. At one point, we’re being mentioned as a bubble team, and then we’re not an NIT team?

Poor, poor Rick Majerus. On the outside looking in is no place for the legend to be. He and his team should be in playing in the NIT, dammit, so people could ignore their accomplishments in that tourney. To be fair, Majerus does have a legitimate beef.

Mmmmmm…legitimized beef….

What? Oh yeah, it is interesting that two teams that finished below SLU (20-11) in the Atlantic 10 standings – Dayton and Rhode Island – were invited to the NIT. So what’s the deal? Majerus doesn’t know, saying, “We beat Dayton twice and split with Rhode Island. What did they do that we didn’t?”

Indeed Rick. Indeed. But it is what it is and I guess the only thing Majerus and his squad can do is go out and prove the NIT selection committee that they erred by going out and winning the HBI tournament.

What’s that? Oh, it’s called the CBI? My bad. All the beef talk earlier must have made me make that Hot Beef Injection reference. But not in that way, of course.

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