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Dungy Speaks To Prison Inmates, Warns Them To Watch Out For Their Corn Holes

Although I cannot confirm that he actually warned them about the inherent dangers – both moral and otherwise – of forcible sodomy, given Dungy’s deeply-held religious views that cause him to believe that homosexuality is a sin, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Dungy, who has kept his word that he was retiring from coaching football to work more closely with troubled, at-risk young men, visited with both minimum and maximum security inmates at a South Carolina prison.

Dungy told minimum security inmates at the Broad River Correctional complex in Columbia on Tuesday that no matter their mistakes, they can choose the right direction and gain redemption.

Indeed they can. Unless they happen to be homosexuals, of course. Then it’s off to the Seventh Circle of Hell with all the other sodomites, right Coach Dungy?

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