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Lane Kiffin Is Up For Esquire’s ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’

I have no idea who the ad wizards are at Esquire who came up with this or the reason behind it, because it sure is a head-scratcher, but Lane Kiffin is in the running for the magazine’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” tournament. Yep, Lane Kiffin will be competing against the likes of Tanith Belbin, Anna Kournikova, Erin Andrews, Lindsey Vonn and “Matt Stafford’s girlfriend” in the Sports Bracket of the competition. Sure, Kiffin is a 16 seed and is facing 1 seed Natalie Gulbis in the first round, but we have to make this happen, people. It does not matter that it makes little sense – it’s brilliant. We need to make sure Lane Kiffin wins the whole damn thing.

From Esquire:

A single-elimination battle royale: sixty-four women, seven rounds, one readers’-choice champion, and not a single Kardashian. The bracket hysteria begins below, with seeds unveiled all Selection Monday long….

Look for Tennessee fans to take out their snub in actual March Madness on their former football coach, sixteenth-seeded Lane Kiffin, who is not actually a woman. Talk about an upset special.

Awesome. You can vote in the Lane Kiffin-Natalie Gulbis matchup here. You have your orders. Vote now and vote often. Let your voice be heard, folks.

Vote for the Sexiest Woman Alive [Esquire]