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Is Mike Lupica’s New Young Adult Novel About Pederasty?

Mike Lupica’s foray into young adult writing has been, surprisingly, an unmitigated success. With novels like Bump and Run, Wild Pitch and Heat spending time on the best seller lists, the Sniveling Scribe of Sanctimony appears to have developed the confidence to explore much darker themes in his most recent novel, The Batboy, at least if the intro to an excerpt from the book  in the New York Daily News is any indication. To wit:

In his new book “The Batboy,” Daily News columnist Mike Lupica tells the story of a young boy and his summer dream job – batboy for his favorite Major League team. But what happens when his hometown heroes reveal themselves to be more human than idol? For one boy in need of a family and one fading star in need of someone to believe in him again, it is the summer neither of them expected…and neither will ever forget.

Is it just me, or does that paragraph not make the novel sound, um, wrong, on so many levels? Not to mention wholly inappropriate for young adults, the novel’s target audience. What gives, Lupica?

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Oh. It’s about steroids. I guess I was way off-base with this one. I’ll let this one slide, Lupica, but I still won’t let any of my kids read it, you pervert.

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