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I Don’t Think This Is What Ray Stevens Had In Mind When He Wrote The Song

When novelty songwriter Ray  Stevens sat down in 1974 to pen what many consider to be his magnum opus, “The Streak”, I’m pretty sure he didn’t envision the act depicted in his song would be used as a means of promoting websites at dog shows.

But apparently that is now the case after the guy above, dubbed “The Captain,” streaked at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham during Crufts 2010, which is considered the largest annual dog show in the world.

From a report in the Daily Mail (via No Guts, No Glory):

He was wearing nothing but shoes and socks and a cat-shaped mask covering his modesty and had the words “I” written on his chest.

The man, believed to be known as the ‘Captain’, was quickly escorted from the area, allowing judging to continue.

Wow. Dog shows, cat-shaped masks covering dong – and sweet sassy molassey, those socks – they really tie the ensemble together – or lack thereof, I suppose. This story has it all. Except the mental beach required to wash that image out of mind. Well, what do you know? Here’s another photo of the streakage:

Yep. He did this at a friggin’ dog show, people. Granted the biggest dog show in the world, but still.

At least he wasn’t carrying a jar of peanut butter. That’s good.

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