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Dancing With Erin Andrews Is Bonerrific With A Capital ‘B’ Baby!

Dipsy-doo, Dickie V. just dumped his goo!

Zipping its way across the internets is this video of Dick Vitale grabbing Erin Andrews and forcing her to dance with him. Awkward. I have seen footage on the news of kids cooperating more with a masked abductor then Andrews was with Vitale during that disaster. You can tell by the look on her face that there are at least 10,000 other things she would rather be doing, and one of those involves watching home videos with Michael Barrett.

If Miss Andrews gets ousted during the first week of Dancing With The Stars, we’ll know who to blame. Andrews is clearly soured on the whole dancing bit now and she ain’t going to be doing any sweetening anytime soon after this hot mess.

[H/T The Sporting Blog]