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St. Louis Blues Player Must Think It’s 1985 Or Something (UPDATED)

Over the Olympic break, St. Louis Blues forward T.J. Oshie realized he needed to make a change, liven things up. So, Oshie did what every sensible man would do in his situation. He had his hair cut and permed.

Yep. Cut and permed.

As you can somewhat see from the above photo, Oshie was sporting some long locks back in January. Not anymore.

“It’s something new . . . I wanted to cut it for a while now,” Oshie said. “I almost cut it in training camp last year. Just kind of a new look.”

Oshie’s hair is MUCH shorter, but that’s not all. It’s curly and it’s not natural curls. He got a perm.

“I literally had a perm,” he said. “My hair is still a little curly.”

Hoo boy. I’m sorry, but when was the last time anyone has heard of a guy getting a perm? I remember when I was in 4th grade, a friend of mine got a perm. It was a horrible mess and I didn’t feel one bit guilty shunning him acting like I didn’t know who the hell he was for the three weeks it took for the curls to relax a bit. You could say that any male who elects to get a perm deserves a similar fate, which Oshie realized quickly once his teammates saw what he did.

“Oh yeah, they’ve been on me for a while now,” Oshie said. “I don’t remember who it was, but I had someone ask me if I felt I was getting old, so I cut my hair to look like I’m 17 again.”

Whoever that guy was that said that was way off the mark. Getting your hair cut and permed shouldn’t make you feel younger, it should make you feel like you better get a move on or you are going to be late for bridge club.

Sadly, a photo of the new ‘do could not be located. Too bad, because Oshie isn’t really happy with it, saying, “The old hair will be back. I don’t like it.”

At least he got to spend a day at the beauty parlor, sitting under one of those perm machines or whatever they are called, reading Ladies Home Journal and gabbing with the ladies about soap operas, or as Oshie probably likes to refer to them, his “stories.”


The esteemed Sean Leahy from Puck Daddy has kindly forwarded me a photo of Oshie’s new perm. Behold:

Dear God.

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