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Sadly, This Year’s Cheese-Rolling Event At Cooper’s Hill In England Has Been Canceled

Due to safety concerns regarding overcrowding, the annual cheese-rolling event at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, England has been canceled this year, and not only are people disappointed, they are stunned, borderline psychotic about it.

The event, held at Cooper’s Hill since at least 1826, usually attracts thousands of spectators but officials feared that after an estimated 15,000 people showed up last year that the crowds were too much and became a safety concern.

Of course, cheese-rolling aficionados are absolutely stunned. One particular cheese-rolling fanatic, 83-year-old Deana Smart, whose farm produces the cheese that is rolled, has been left “shattered” by the cancellation.

“I’m shaking at the prospect of not having any cheese-rolling,” she said.

“It is one of our biggest raisers of funds for the business, particularly this year when we’re desperately trying to increase our premises.”

Goddamn concerns over safety. Always ruining a perfectly good time, unless you happened to be among the folks routinely injured at the event.

Organizers said Friday that thousands of people tried to attend last year and some 19 spectators were injured while watching competitors run after — and tumble down — the steep, slippery hill in pursuit of a 7-pound Double Gloucester cheese.

I first read about this bizarre and whimsical event way back in 2007 from a post by my Out of Bounds colleague Rick Chandler when he was writing for Deadspin. To know that it will not be held this year is greatly disappointing. I guess I will not be booking my trip to Gloucestershire for next year now. Who knows when they will hold it again?

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