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Lawsuits Be Damned: Company Fills A Void, Releases Tiger Woods Sex Doll

You know a person has finally arrived in the pantheon of sexual icons when they get their own sex doll. Usually, the doppelbanger (heh) sex doll market is generally reserved for porn stars and um, other porn stars. But the sex toy company Pipedream Products has decided that now is the time to begin marketing their own inflatable Tiger Woods sex doll. Although not mentioned, it’s a safe bet that Tiger’s love doll is made from “high-quality, moisture-resistant,  realistic-feeling material.”

Most of all, the genius of their new product is in the timeliness of its release. As well as the fact it has some kind of artificial schlong.

As you can see by the above image of the box, Pipedream not only like to lay the sexual innuendo on thick when choosing their company name, but they also enjoy running the gamut with golf-themed sexual imagery.

He’ll always be ready to play an extra hole or two!

He’ll show you his wood if you show him your hole

He’s Got Major Wood!

If you are in the market for the Pipedream Products-proclaimed “#1 Golf Love Doll” – I’m thinking #2 has got to be Vijay Singh, just a hunch – I would get off – er, get on – it quick, because I suspect the Tiger Woods Sex Doll will not be long for the grimy, seedy underworld of online sex products once Tiger’s battalion of ravenous attorneys catch wind of it.

(Note: links in the post below NSFW)

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