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Chicago White Sox To Ozzie Guillen On Proposed Web Site: ‘No Way, Jose’

Which I personally believe was a completely disrespectful thing to say to Guillen, being that his name is Ozzie and all.

Alright, maybe they didn’t say that exactly, but the Chicago White Sox organization informed their manager that under no uncertain terms would he be allowed to launch with a personal website that was in the works. They are imposing upon Ozzie’s freedom. This cannot stand, man.

“It was something we tried to do, and Major League Baseball was going to help us,” Guillen said. “All of a sudden the front-office people didn’t want to have me in the middle of stuff, and I have to respect that.”

“It was a personal thing I was going to talk about baseball on,” Guillen said. “It was going to be involved with Major League Baseball. The White Sox weren’t comfortable with me doing it, they didn’t say no, but they weren’t comfortable. That’s why I backed off.”

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Guillen alluded to his outspoken nature as a possible reason why the White Sox were not too enthused about the idea, although they will allow him to keep his Twitter and Facebook accounts active – for now, at least. Thank goodness.

And as far as said Twitter and Facebook accounts are concerned, White Sox general manager Ken Williams is real sick and tired of being sick and tired of answering questions about it. I believe his text message reply to the Sun-Times makes his opinion on the matter quite clear:

“Don’t ask me another question about Twitter, websites [sic], blog, radio shows, non [sic] of that [stuff]. All I care about is players playing, coaches coaching and managers managing. If they do that and do it well, we got no problems, but if they don’t …”

Damn dude, take a chill pill or something. Ironically, maybe one of the rumored potential features of Ozzie’s now-nixed site may have helped Williams better deal with the stresses of his job a bit better – a weekly advice column entitled, “Don’t Sweat The Small Shit, You Overreacting Hyper-Ass, Reactionary Motherfucker.”

As I said, that idea was just a rumor, but I guess I can see why the White Sox didn’t think this was a great idea.

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