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Surprisingly, Interview With Server At Bar Where Ben Hung Out Earlier Doesn’t Blow Lid Off Roethlisberger Case

As much as the residents of Milledgeville try to deny it, you know they are just loving the notoriety the town and its residents have been experiencing ever since the Roethlisberger alleged sexual assault case broke. The sleepy little college town has been swarmed by media and likely even some twisted, slack-jawed gawkers who want to take a piss in the bathroom where the alleged sexual assault took place.

Along with this newfound notoriety comes the added thrill of being tangentially connected with the incident. And if you happen to be a person who can perhaps shed some light – a first-hand account of the events, perhaps – on the scandal, all the better. It might even land you the opportunity to be interviewed exclusively by some big time media member.

That’s where young Miss Kaylie Reeves comes into the picture. Kaylie was Roethlisberger’s bartender at the watering hole he hung out in before Big Ben stumbled on down to Capital City, the den of iniquity which I am certain Roethlisberger wishes he had never stepped foot in.

Because of her “connection” to the events of that night, this Kaylie Reeves gal was interviewed by Pittsburgh radio station 970 The Fox. And guess what? She had absolutely nothing of substance to add to the topic, which is shocking since, you know, she wasn’t even at the establishment where the alleged sexual assault occurred.  So how could she provide any substantive insight, you ask? It doesn’t matter. Due to her just barely being relevant to the story – but close enough for media members clamoring for some angle – and the fact that she agreed to do an interview, Miss Kaylie Reeves is now an involved party. I suspect she will not be the last resident of Milledgeville, Georgia to assume their role in the madness, either.

Simply to illustrate how far the media is willing to go in their efforts to magically land the inside scoop, even when they have to know there is virtually no chance of that occurring, here are a few nuggets from Kaylie’s interview with 980 The Fox (via Sports Radio Interviews):

On what she noticed, if anything, about Ben Roethlisberger’s behavior during the time she saw him in her establishment:

“Well he came in between 10:30 and 11. It was the early hours when there was maybe 10 patrons in the bar at that time. He walked in with him and 7 other guys; they all got drinks, they sat at a table and watched the basketball game. They were here for maybe 15-20 minutes, finished their drinks, then they were on their way – before anyone had become aware that he was in town. Then once people became aware, there’s large windows in front of our establishment, you could see the people rushing to the bar that he was at.”

On if the town is shaken up over this and on if the community will at all struggle rebounding from the alleged incident:

“A lot of people thought it was actually comical, laughing about how Milledgeville has become this big deal just because of this one little incident. I don’t think people are upset, we have been busier in our restaurant than we were previously before the incident. So that’s helped our business, that’s been a plus side of it.”

Wow. Positively enlightening. Thanks for the info, Kaylie. While it’s certainly not her fault that someone came looking for a story, do you think that for a moment she considered how ridiculous this all was or do you think she was just enjoying her moment in the spotlight?

Yeah, the spotlight for sure. I can’t say I blame her. I probably would have done the same thing in her shoes.

Kaylie Reeves, Bartender To Big Ben On The Night Of His Alleged Incident, Shares What She Knows About Last Thursday Night [Sports Radio Interviews]