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Yet Another Example Why Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Play Sports


Here is a delightfully painful-to-watch video of one poor woman’s experience of getting drilled in the head by the ball while trying to leg out an infield single during a co-ed league softball game.

Before all of you politically correct bozos out there get all up in arms about it, just so you know, the title of this post isn’t some dig about girls participating in sports. Allow me to explain: I did a little research on the individuals involved in the incident and I have learned that there was some bad blood between the shortstop who threw the ball and the girl who unfortunately got plunked. Apparently, while at a party – without permission, mind you – put in his Huey Lewis & The News CD. That’s what I meant by “play Sports.”

That sort of aggression cannot stand. Therefore, the retaliation was warranted. Sorry to say it, but she deserved it.

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