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Off Topic: Jeez, Now Corey Haim Is Dead, Too?

Get out of my dreams, get into my hearse?

Wow, that’s just horribly inappropriate. But you can’t fault me for lack of accuracy.

Anyhoo, in light of  the gone-far-before-their-time demises of both Corey Haim and before him, Andrew Koenig (a/k/a Boner from Growing Pains) a few weeks ago, it’s been a tough month for teen stars who grew up in front of us in the ’80s. Not only that, when tragedies like these occur, it causes me – and people my age, I reckon – to realize how long ago those halcyon days of Generra shirts, friendship pins  and Martha Quinn (can’t forget about Martha Quinn) are now and how much further back in the rear view mirror our youth is at this point, causing us to feel even older than we usually do – which is pretty goddamn old.

And yet, while we mourn the untimely passing of these two young men, it is perhaps relevant to point out that these celebrity deaths usually come in threes. I’m hesitant to ask – but I will anyway – who’s next?

If I had to guess, I’d put my money on Joey Lawrence. Which in a way would be alright. That guy is already dead on the inside.