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Chris Berman Probably Has His Entire Summer Wardrobe Planned Out Now

Just when Chris Berman believed he owned every piece of apparel ever made by casual attire outfitters Tommy Bahama, the company goes and pulls a stunt like this…

And totally redeems itself!

That’s right, Tommy Bahama will release in April an exclusive line of limited-edition, Major League Baseball-endorsed camp shirts. Retailing at $250 a pop (what a steal!), Berman will be set back $2,000 (plus shipping and handling, of course) to order one shirt for each of the following eight ballclubs:  Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, Seattle Mariners, and St. Louis Cardinals. Sorry fans of the other 22 teams, Tommy Bahama ain’t making shirts for those teams.

More photos of Chris “You’re With Me, Tommy” Berman and the new shirts after the jump.

According to the Tommy Bahama website:

Extraordinary details make our official Major League Baseball camp shirts a guaranteed hit with any baseball fan. Every Collector’s Edition style includes a handsome box for gifting, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a frameworthy print of the shirt’s artwork for your wall.

Yes, because nothing says classy and dignified like a print of what’s on the shirt you’re wearing hanging on the wall. “Look! Me and my living room wall are like twins! I swear we didn’t plan this!”

Gunaxin Sports reports that only 500 shirts will be produced for six of the teams, with the company manufacturing 1,000 for the Red Sox and 1,500 for the Yankees, which leads me to believe that men residing in those particular locales (or happen to be bandwagonesque fans of these two teams) have no idea whatsoever on how to dress themselves.

If you weren’t aware of the fact before now, Chris Berman and Tommy Bahama apparel go together like overcompensated blowhards and profuse sweating, so I can only imagine the excitement the Berminator felt upon hearing the news he will now be able to expand his wardrobe.

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