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The Final Four In 3D Will Be A Lot Like ‘Avatar’, Only With Jim Nantz

Hello, Na’vi.

You know, I have always dreamed of having Clark Kellogg in my living room, but not like this.

Great news for those of you who have already plunked down thousands of dollars to buy one of those newfangled 3D televisions – or intend to do so in next month – CBS has announced it will provide 3D coverage of this year’s Final Four games.


(takes a moment to actually read the story)

What the shit? According to this report in the USA Today, they will not be broadcasting the games for home television viewing – the games will be shown in 3D at over 100 movie theaters across the country.

Sean McManus, who oversees the network’s sports and news divisions, says the 3D coverage will be a “separate production” from the regular TV coverage.

McManus says CBS’ first 3D coverage, which will be carried in the Cinedigm theater chain, will be “more of an experiment than anything else” and is the “only” sports event that CBS now has definite plans to cover in 3D.

Now who in their right mind would think it would be fun to go sit in a movie theater and watch the Final Four? That’s just stupid, even though watching the games in 3D would be pretty sweet, I can think of other much more preferable locations to take in the games than some measly movie theater – and those locations of course all serve sweet, sweet alcohol.

Unless this Cinedigm theater chain serves booze, I ain’t interested. It’s pretty much the same reason I don’t go to church. Sorry, a friggin’ Dixie cup of wine ain’t cutting it, Padre.

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