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‘The Case Of The Missing Hockey Equipment’ Now Has Some Promising Leads

Reebok is reporting that they have received some “potential information” courtesy of a tipline regarding the whereabouts of the missing hockey stick and glove that Sidney Crosby was wearing when he scored the gold medal-clinching goal in the Olympics. The company set up the tipline and have offered a $10,000 reward to help assist in the recovery of the missing equipment.

Wait. They set up a tipline for some missing hockey equipment? What in the hell is this world coming to when a goddamn stick and glove are treated as if they are missing children or in the hands of some lunatic fugitive? Has Reebok contacted John Walsh yet? Jesus.

Len Rhodes, vice president and general manager for Reebok Hockey CCM, says the tipline is producing everything from encouraging comments to claims of “potential information.”

Crosby used the stick – a Reebok 10K Sickick II model that retails for $249 – and glove to score the overtime goal that decided the Olympic men’s hockey final against the United States on Feb. 28 in Vancouver.

This whole situation is borderline ridiculous. Not that these aren’t items which hold some value – both monetary as well as sentimental – it’s just that Reebok is going about it all wrong. What they need is a psychic on the case. I would recommend Madame Ruby. She’s good – just don’t buy into her “the stick and gloves are in the basement of the Alamo” routine.

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