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Shocking: Ron Artest Is A Big Dennis Rodman Fan

Yeah, I have really come to appreciate Rodman’s work on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew as well. So emotional, yet so…understated.

Actually, Ron Artest is referring to Rodman’s time as an crazy-hairstyling, erratically-behaving basketball player, not The Worm’s most recent career choice of becoming a reality show buffoon. And yest, I believe “reality show buffoon” is now considered a legitimate entry on a person’s résumé. Only in America.

During an interview with ESPN 1000 in Chicago, Artest was asked if his most recent hairstyle was a tribute to Dennis Rodman:

Well, you can’t compare me to a man with five rings, first off. But I’ve never shied away from the Dennis Rodman question.

A lot of people say, “Yeah, I like Dennis Rodman,” but they don’t really mean that. I’m a big Dennis Rodman fan. I’ve been a Rodman fan since 1998 when he was in all his controversy, so that’s never going to change.

Don’t you tell me what I mean, Ron Artest! I liked Dennis Rodman even before he was all in his controversy, so there!

Speaking of Artest’s multilingual hairdo that he debuted on Sunday, here is how the Lakers oddball nonsensically explained his decision to go with the radical makeover:

“Yeah it’s definitely called a hair “don’t.”  We was on ABC, I wanted to give the people something special, so I thought that would be the most coolest thing to do.  I wanted to put the Lakers in my hair ‘cause I like to put the Lakers in my head, but this time why not just put defense.  I usually just do Chinese, the time before I put Chinese and Korean, but my friend said why not put it in all the nationalities.  We only had room for three, so we went with Japanese, Hindi on the back of my head, and Hebrew on the front and top of my head so to speak, so it was fun.”

“I wanted to put the Lakers in my hair ‘cause I like to put the Lakers in my head…”? What does that even mean? Oh yeah, that’s right – Artest had the Lakers logo literally shaved into his head. I don’t know how I could have forgotten about that.

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