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Nobody Better Lay A Finger On My Big Ben’s Beef Jerky

As the most recent Ben Roethlisberger scandal continues the process of shaking itself out, perhaps it would be wise to just wait and see what the police learn after another round of questioning of Big Ben is complete. Until we hear whether or not police have the goods to charge Roethlisberger with criminal sexual assault or until at least we learn more about what happened, it might be wise to withhold judgment.

Unfortunately for Roethlisberger, one of his big time sponsors is not in the position to take a wait-and-see approach. You see, they have product to move and that product is Big Ben’s Beef Jerky. No!

In an interview with Michael McCarthy of the USA Today (via Pro Football Talk), Ty Ballou, the president and chief executive officer of Pittsburgh-based PLB Sports, which makes Big Ben’s Beef Jerky, addressed the sticky situation Roethlisberger finds himself in and how that affects the company’s bottom line.

“It’s just very concerning. Ben is a single guy. He has every right to be out doing what he’s doing. But when you’re the quarterback of any team, especially the Steelers, you have to take extra measures.

“Obviously, this is very concerning for all parties. This is the second time this has come out.

“We’ll let due process take its course. … I’m not defending Ben, and I’m not going to cast judgment. It’s just unfortunate, extremely unfortunate. Obviously, football in Western Pennsylvania is more than just football. It’s a religion.”

A troubling situation indeed, but PLB Sports will continue its business relationship with the embattled Steelers quarterback – for now. But  we have to understand the predicament the company finds itself it when dealing with this matter. The beef jerky trade is a cutthroat business and PLB Sports cannot stand idly by while the face of their product keeps getting himself into trouble. Like love, beef jerky doesn’t last forever – okay, maybe jerky does last forever – but the company still faces the prospect of having tons upon tons of delicious jerky that may be potentially unsellable because the visage of Roethlisberger is on the packaging.

But I wondered how Big Ben’s Beef Jerky measures up to other jerkys in the saturated dried and chewy meat market. Not being a jerky aficionado myself, I deferred judgment to an expert on these kind of matters:

Yes, there is a blog dedicated solely to beef jerky reviews. Of course, if you are interested, go to the site and see for yourself the complete review of Big Ben’s Beef Jerky, but I found one quote to be especially enlightening about the product, especially in light of Roethlisberger’s most recent scandal. In detailing the taste of the product, this particular reviewer opened with this observation:

The first thing I taste from the surface of these pieces is a sweet flavor, with a smokiness mixed in. With some sucking I get some saltiness.


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