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Wait, Tim Tebow Is Only 15 Years Old?

This must be some kind of mistake because I cannot see how the NFL would allow him to get drafted in the fifth round this spring if it were true.

According to the below quote from Tebow himself during an interview with WJXL in Jacksonville, Tebow wouldn’t mind playing for the team because he has been a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars his “whole life”:

I would. It’s here at home and I would enjoy that. I have been a Jaguar fan my whole life. I have enjoyed being here in my hometown and watching the Jaguars play. Getting an opportunity to play for them would be a blessing for me and a privilege for me to be able to stay in my hometown and play here.

I notice he is sticking with “everything is a blessing” routine. That’s nice, but there is one problem with what Tebow said: since the Jaguars didn’t begin playing in the NFL until they joined the league as an expansion team in 1995, that alone means that either Tim Tebow is a liar or a very mature 15-year-old. Since I cannot fathom the thought that Tim Tebow would ever lie, that means he must be 15. Crazy stuff.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking: give the guy a break, Weed. Obviously, he didn’t mean his “whole life” literally. It’s just a manner of speaking. Okay then, smarty pants, how about this quote?

“My favorite team growing up was the Dallas Cowboys. I was a huge Emmitt Smith fan because he was a Gator and an awesome running back. So I was a huge Cowboy fan. After he left, it died down from there. I have only had three jerseys in my entire life: Emmitt Smith, Danny Wuerffel and Michael Jordan.”

I see how it is – he was a Jaguars fan his “entire life” but his favorite team was the Dallas Cowboys? So, which one is it, Tim? a lifelong Jaguars fan or a die-hard Cowboys fan? That’s an egregious display of double-dipping fandom if you ask me. Yep, Tebow is one of “those guys.” You know the kind.

Once again, I know you think I should just lay off Tebow. It’s just an interview, right?

And to that I have this reply: if I can’t overreact and rip on Tim Tebow for some innocuous remarks he made to a podunk radio station in Florida due to a couple of technicalities and some fallacious reasoning, what’s the point of having a sports blog in the first place?

And the answer to that question is: none. No reason whatsoever.

Thank you and good day.

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