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Joel Was Standing In The Shower Thinking About What Makes A Man…

…an outlaw or a leader, and he’s thinking about power. The ways a man can use it or be destroyed by it, he slips on the floor and he’s pissing on himself.

Standing in the shower…thinking.

Yes, the fact that Portland Trail Blazers center Joel Przybilla, (who was already out for the season anyway), slipped in the shower in his home and ruptured his right patella tendon, while an amusing anecdote – at least for everyone not named Joel Przybilla – really isn’t that much of a story.

I guess what I’m implying here is that is very likely that most people could give a rat’s ass about Joel Przybilla, despite the somewhat ridiculous nature by which he re-injured his right patella tendon. Moreover, how do you slip in the shower? I figure there is some statistic out there that claims something like over 20,000 people are seriously injured in the shower in the United States every year or some such nonsense, but be honest: have you ever come into contact with one of these people in your life? Unless an individual is elderly or an infirm person, there is no justifiable explanation for them to ever slip and fall in the shower except for being a colossal klutz.

Be that as it may, I will tell you this: there was no way I was passing up the opportunity to make a Jane’s Addiction “Standing in the Shower…Thinking” reference. Sorry, that’s just the way it is, man.

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