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Gah! Stupid In Stereo: Joe Morgan To Present Bud Selig With Humanitarian Award

Here is a simple formula that illustrates how wrong it is that on Monday in New York City, Joe Morgan will present Bud Selig with an award during Jackie Robinson Foundation’s 2010 Robie Awards, which are hosted by Bill Cosby.

Nightmare Fuel = -(Bill Cosby’s senility) ±[(Bud Selig’s smugness) x (Joe Morgan’s essence)]

* where “a” equals the amount of times I would rather punch myself in the face than attend this gala.

Sure, some of the variables in the above formula are not quantifiable in a mathematical sense, but I think you get the picture here.

Selig will be honored “for his commitment and contributions to baseball for more than 40 years.”

What is this? Bizarro World or something?

Selig to receive humanitarian award [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]