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For Those Of You Who Might Get Off By Watching Linda Cohn Play Hockey…

Here you go.

To each their own, I say. Some people can get off to some crazy stuff. I have heard stories about guys who actually rub one out while looking at photos of Cindy Brunson playing backgammon, for crying out loud.

Not me, of course. I’m more of a “Cindy Brunson playing Parcheesi” kind of guy. Call me a little odd, but I find the “Royal Game of India” to be incredibly erotic.

Okay, ESPN female anchor masturbatory references aside, Miss Cohn had a wonderful time playing hockey at the Pond in Anaheim Sunday, as evidenced by her comments on Twitter:

What a blast! Good news I stopped 41 shots. Bad news we lost 9-1. Sending pix soon. Watch late Sportscenter tonight. Think I made Top plays!

Ooh, pics, you say? Kinky.

Linda Cohn is a custodian of the cord cottage [Game On!]