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Vladimir Putin Has Watched One Too Many Herm Edwards Press Conferences

I knew Herm Edwards’ speech about how “you play to win the game” was a pop culture phenomenon, especially after it appeared in a Coors Light commercial, but who knew it had reached Russia?

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, followed  President Dmitry Medvedev’s lead from earlier this week and harshly criticized the Russian sports federations today during a government meeting for their failures which were evidenced by the horrible performance put forth by its athletes during the Vancouver Games. The Russians finished with a paltry 15 medals – the nation’s worst performance ever.

Stealing a page from from the Herm Edwards playbook when he addressed the sports officials, Putin articulated his profound disappointment with the following statement:

“Following our modest Olympic results I already hear some say that … it’s not the most important thing to be among the leaders, the most important thing is to make a good showing,” Putin said with a wry smile. “I must tell you it’s not so. You go into the Games not just to sweat, but to win.”

You play…to win…the Games! привет?

Hypothetically, I could see Herm going over there and taking charge of the Russian Olympic efforts. First of all, Edwards certainly has the pedigree, having demonstrated his ability to inspire even in the most dire circumstances; and maybe that’s all the Russian athletes need right now – a little motivation by having a fire lit under them. Secondly, I’m absolutely certain Edwards has the temperament to work closely with with the Russians, in particular the likes of Putin, despite the Prime Minister’s intimidating presence and reputation as a ball-buster. I mean, Edwards does seem to tolerate and work well with Hannah Storm on SportsCenter, right?

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