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President Zuma Insists That South Africa Is Game For The World Cup, Pending A Deluxe Download

Attempting to quell concerns about the upcoming tournament in his country, President Jacob Zuma recently told reporters¬† that South Africa is “ready, if not more than ready” to host the World Cup this summer.

Via an AP report:

On his first state visit to the United Kingdom, Zuma said Thursday his country has “worked hard to ensure the World Cup comes to South Africa … And it is coming.”

Zuma also said the country’s readiness included safety and security, the biggest concern for foreign travelers.

He said visitors “will be welcomed to South Africa safely and leave even safer.”

Good to know. However, I intend to withhold judgment until I hear from the man heading up the security forces at the tournament, General Cubis. I also would not mind hearing from Prime Minster B. Jeweled as well as Vice President Sudoku. Come to think of it, South Africa’s ambassador to China, the esteemed Dr. Mah Jong might have some thoughts as well.

That’s all I got.

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