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Don’t Worry, Austin Freeman, Wilford Brimley Has Got Your Back

Originally believed to be only suffering from a stomach virus, further tests have revealed that Georgetown basketball player Austin Freeman has diabetes. The junior guard and the leading scorer for the Hoyas revealed the diagnosis during an interview with The Washington Post and his status for upcoming games at this point is uncertain.

I am sure it feels like a raw deal to Freeman right now, but all is not lost. The medical community has come a long way in treating diabeetus. For instance, if Wilford Brimley can go on and lead such a successful acting career featuring appearances in the film Cocoon, television shows like Our House and endorsements of tasty Quaker Oats in commercials after being diagnosed with the disease way back in 1979, there is no reason to give up hope at this stage.

And before anyone accuses me of being incredibly insensitive – which I am prone to doing from time to time – to Freeman’s plight, reports are that there is no reason to believe the diagnosis should have any effect on his long-term playing career. Although he should be a bit more cautious regarding his moods from this point forward. For example, if he stubs his toe he shouldn’t take it out on the dog or other kinds of unreasonable behavior such as that.

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