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‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partner Thinks Erin Andrews Walks Like She Has A Penis

Just who in the hell does this Maksim Chmerkovskiy think he is? I don’t know how they do it in the Ukraine, but you don’t tell a woman – especially one as attractive and talented as Miss Erin Andrews – that she clumsily ambles around like she has a schlong dangling between her legs.

Okay, to be fair, Chmerkovskiy, the supposed “bad boy of the ballroom,” said it with a little more tact than I just did, but according to an interview Andrews did with Atlanta radio station, WCNN, the dancer was not impressed with her less-than-gracious gait.

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

Whether she knows who her partner will be:

“Yep, I am with Maks. I just got out of practice. A good three hour practice, four hour practice and my dogs are barking. I am not really used to spins and turns in high heels. It is different. Imagine this. Maks says that I walk like a guy. I wonder why. I am surrounded by them 24/7 so now I got to walk like a chick. I am learning how.”

I don’t care who this guy is, he better watch himself around Miss Andrews. She should be treated with grace, honor and dignity – no funny stuff, Comrade or you will have a nation of bloggers hunting you down.


Erin Andrews on DWTS: “I just thought that this would be a good way to forget about everything that had happened and maybe talk about something new with my life” [Sports Radio Interviews (via Game On!)]