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Boobs, Blogs And More Boobs Highlight New Highlight Show On Versus

The above title has been brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department. Sheesh.

Last month, the Sportress had the news of Versus’ plans of developing a nightly highlight show that they hope will rival and directly compete with the Big Daddy of Sports Shows, SportsCenter. When we first discussed Versus’ Brave New Plan, the show did not have a title and from what folks were saying at the cable network, much of a vision for the show, either. But now, we have a name (The Daily Line) and some details as well.

The Daily Line will debut on April 5th opposite the 6:00 p.m. eastern edition of SportsCenter and will “have a huge presence of material from blogs, more than any other show.”

Blogs, you say? Like mine? Are you saying I might one day be a panelist on a show on Versus? Teh awesome!

But in even bigger, bustier news, one of the four studio “personalities” (boobs) will be none other than recently-breast de-augmented (?) Jenn Sterger (that’s the more boobs part). This show is going to be bonerific! Take it away, Jenn.

“Other shows don’t exactly know how to use social media and the Web,” says Sterger. “Since I’m practically living on the Web, I’ve got a pulse on what going on out there. … And I’ll be personally accessible to the audience, except for my personal phone number.”

Personally accessible, you say? I wonder what that will entail…the mind boggles, the pants…bulges. Or something.

Sterger adds that what will also make The Daily Line different is that it will be less stuffy and more laid-back, as Sterger, in her sports show watching, felt like it “was a bunch of guys in suits yelling at me,” which is pretty consistent to the rest of her life, but instead of a bunch of guys in suits yelling at her about sports, in her daily routine it is a bunch of guys yelling at her things like “Take off your top!” or “If you plan on making it in this business, these are the kinds of degrading things you better get used to, so let’s see some ass-to-ass now. ” Stuff like that.

Ultimately, with or without Sterger’s presence, the fact that Versus will attempt to mine the sports blogosphere for information and content should at the very least be an interesting experiment. And given their success covering hockey with Sports Soup that Junior Seau show broadcasting rodeos, it will be a fun ride seeing how it all plays out.  Good luck, Versus.

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