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Begun, The Sidney Crosby Photoshop War Has

When a momentous event occurs, like when Sidney Crosby scored the game-winning goal in the gold medal game and then struck that iconic pose, nothing commemorates the moment better than some photoshop snarkery.

The wonderful Puck Daddy a/k/a Greg Wyshynski has once again, as he did with the Winter Classic Create-A-Float and the Gary Bettman Portraits in Heroism contests, unleashed his army of readers and ordered the horde to come up with some awesome photoshops making fun of Sidney Crosby’s celebratory scream.

The samples I have included here are but the tip of iceberg when it comes to photoshop wizardry demonstrated by Wysh’s legions. Go have a look-see at what other devilish shenanigans they hath wrought. Brilliance.

Sidney Crosby golden roar reader art contest, Gallery No. 1 [Puck Daddy]