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Suck It, Sidney Crosby

After a lengthy layoff due to the Olympic break, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Buffalo Sabres resumed their respective NHL seasons with a game at Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night, but before they got to the game, the individuals who participated in the Olympics were honored. This put the Pittsburghians (?) in a tough spot: do they cheer more for the player wearing the home jersey who so happens to be the Canadian and broke their American hearts by scoring the game-winning goal in the gold medal game, or does their patriotism for the country supersede their loyalties to their hometown team?

It ended up being a mixed bag of sorts. Sidney Crosby was given a standing ovation from his home arena crowd when he was introduced, but Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller, who was so dazzling between the pipes for the U.S. team he was named the MVP of the tournament despite not winning gold, received the loudest and most sustained ovation from the conflicted Pittsburgh crowd.

But when a replay of Crosby’s gold medal-clinching goal in overtime on Sunday was shown on the scoreboard, that is when things got interesting.

There was a mixed reaction when a replay of Crosby’s game-winning goal was shown on the Mellon Arena scoreboard, with some cheering but also audible booing. Later in the game, when the replay was shown again during a break in play, there were noticeably more boos than cheers.


Crosby didn’t appear to take the snub personally and Miller downplayed what occurred and instead spoke about how he hoped that the entertaining and emotional Olympic tournament will attract more fans to the NHL.

“I’ll leave it up to other people to decide, but for me it was a pretty proud moment,” Crosby said. “Being in Canada, playing hockey growing up as a kid and dreaming of playing for your country, then having it work out that way, it’s still pretty amazing to think about.”

“It was a good tournament,” Miller said before the game. “Hopefully, it made some hockey fans here in the United States.”

I have made my feelings known regarding the Cult of Sidney Crosby previously so there is no need to rehash them here, but it has to just suck  for a guy to be booed by his own fans when all he did was accomplish something he has likely spent his entire life dreaming about simply because of  conflicting allegiances. But that’s what he gets for being Canadian, I guess.

Yeah, it sucks to be you, Sidney Crosby. Wait, no it doesn’t. Not at all, actually. Please resume the Sidney Crosby haterade, people. I know I intend to continue doing so.

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