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Holy Pornstache, Batman!

I was just heading out the door for lunch when Big League Stew’s post about Washington Nationals pitcher Collin Balester’s fantastic spring training mustache was brought to my attention and I had no choice but to point out the magnificent display of mustachioed brilliance to my readers.

‘Duk has the all the stylin’ digs on the ‘stache, but here is what Balester had to say on how long he planned on keeping his homage to all that is wonderful yet terrifying about ’70s-era facial hair:

“Now I’m just going to keep it going because I’m not ashamed of it or anything like that,” Balester said after Monday’s workout. “It went through the itchy stage but now it’s fine.”

Rock on, Collin Balester. You just go ahead and keep letting your freak flag fly, ya dig?

‘Stache-stastic! Collin Balester wins offseason facial hair contest [Big League Stew]