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Golfing Beauty Beatriz Recari Wants You (To Vote For Her)

With the 16th and final spot in the Mojo 6 golf tournament up for grabs, the competition is getting hot and heavy – not as hot and heavy as we may like, but let’s say that the ladies are doing their best to secure your vote.

Last week, I brought you news that golfing hottie Anna Rawson made a video plea requesting that her fans to vote for her on Mojo 6’s website so she could compete in the prestigious tournament beginning May 1st in Jamaica. Now Spaniard Betariz Recari, a rookie on the LPGA Tour after finding success in Europe, has thrown her sexy hat into the ring and made a video requesting you vote for her instead of the Australian stunner.

As was the case with Miss Rawson, I am not only captivated by Recari’s beauty but her incredibly sexy accent. More of this please. Beatriz could read Atlas Shrugged to me and I would swear that the gorgeous golfer was reading me an erotic novel.

You can exercise your right to vote for who your libido believes is more deserving of the spot right here. Let your voice be heard. And since it is an online vote, pants are optional – not that such trivialities have ever prevented you from doing anything before, perv.

Bea Recari Wants Your Vote, Too! [Golf Babes]
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