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The Anderson High Lady Redskins: Giving Racist Team Names That Softer, Feminine Quality

Before you make the mistake of assuming otherwise, this will not be a diatribe against using Redskins (or some other variation of the same, for that matter) as a team name and its (what some may argue) inherent racist overtones. I’ll let other people who care far more about the issue than I make their relevant arguments for and against them. I simply wanted to point out that it is surprising that in this politically-correct-charged atmosphere we live in that a public high school would still choose to go with Redskins. I can only speak for myself and my experiences, but many of the high schools in my neck of the woods long ago distanced themselves from Native American-themed names and went with something far less controversial.

But at the same time, Lady Redskins does soften it a bit, doesn’t it? Probably not enough, though. I imagine you could find people from both sides of the spectrum in Cincinnati – where Anderson High School is located – regarding this issue.

In any event, I wonder why Anderson High, when the school was originally deciding on a team name/mascot,  didn’t go with something feminine yet remained a “tribute” and “honored” Native American culture and tradition. You know, like the “Squaws” or the “Flying Pocahontas-es-es.”  Something like that.

Lady Redskins bound for FAVC East [The Cincinnati Enquirer]