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Shocking: John Daly’s PGA Personnel File Is 456 Pages, Details Litany Of Tawdry Behavior

STOP THE PRESSES! John Daly’s personnel file, obtained for some reason or another by the Florida Times-Union (freedom of the press, y’all), details the PGA’s many attempts to reign in and control the erratic behavior of the once-troubled golfer.

But why turn it over? How does the request and subsequent release of his file benefit anything? Is there really any reason why this should be public record? What say you, PGA?

“We turned the file over on a court order, but keeping with our policy, we’re not going to comment on disciplinary action taken against players,” Ty Votaw, the PGA Tour’s executive vice president for communications, told the Times-Union. “The fact that it is public record does not change that.”

I see. Be that as it may, since it is public record now, here are some of the juicy details:

• That the PGA Tour, on seven occasions, ordered Daly to undergo counseling or enter alcohol rehabilitation;

• That Daly was placed on Tour probation six times;

• That Daly was cited 11 times for “conduct unbecoming a professional”;

• That Daly was flagged 21 times for “failure to give best efforts”;

• That Daly accrued fines of nearly $100,000 during the period covered in the file.

The final transgression listed in his file, according to the Times-Union, details Daly’s six-month suspension from the PGA Tour at the start of the 2009 golf season after his October 2008 arrest, in which he was found intoxicated outside a Hooters restaurant in North Carolina.

Daly’s personnel file also included accusations that he nearly struck an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent after failing to stop his car at a security checkpoint at the 2005 U.S. Open in Pinehurst, N.C.

Awesome. Now that is a personnel file you can hang your hat on. Or a heavy winter jacket, I suppose, considering the damn thing is nearly 500 pages.

No word from Daly yet on the news, at least via his Twitter account, and that usually is the platform Daly prefers to use to address, well, pretty much anything and everything related to his life, so I guess we will have to wait to see how he feels about this latest development. But if I were him, I’d be pretty irritated about it. But I suppose as the saying goes, “you play, you pay” – especially when said “playing” involves being deserted by your touring group shitfaced outside a Hooters.

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