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Italian Soccer Coach Suspended For One Game For Saying ‘God’ On Sideline

Well goddamn, that sure is something, isn’t it?

Domenico “Mimmo” Di Carlo, the coach for the Verona soccer club Cheivo has been banned for one game by the “watchdog” of the Italian football league after taking the Lord’s name in vein and violating the league’s zero tolerance policy against irreverence (whatever that may entail) during the club’s match on Sunday.

Di Carlo, whose side narrowly avoided relegation last season, was banned from the touchline for a game after Sunday’s outburst. The Italian federation, Federcalcio, decided last month that the time had come for disciplinary action to be taken against players and coaches heard taking God’s name in vain. The president, Giancarlo Abete, declared it would “intervene with official decisions to make clear that blasphemy is within the definition of ‘offensive, insulting or abusive language’ in the rules [that warrant sending-off]”.

Wow. They don’t mess around over in Italia with people who commit barely blasphemous actions, but I do not see this policy working out very well here in the US. Our coaches can swear a “red, white and blue streak” over here, if you know what I mean. What I am trying to articulate is that the coaches in our professional sports leagues like to fucking swear around these here motherfucking parts, fucker! Goddammit, that feels good.

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