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Sidney Crosby May Have ‘A Little Destiny To Him’ But A Smidgen Of Douchebaggery Is Mixed In There, Too

In the wake of Sidney Crosby’s gold-medal clinching overtime goal in yesterday’s epic game between the US and Canada (seriously, how great was that game?), Hockey Canada’s Executive Director Steve Yzerman joined millions of fellow Canadians and seized the opportunity to gush about his country’s new national hero.

“He’s got a little destiny to him – his entire career, throughout minor hockey, junior hockey, NHL,” Hockey Canada executive director Steve Yzerman said Sunday after Crosby scored 7:40 into overtime to beat the U.S. 3-2 and provide Canadians with the Olympic championship they believed was their birth right.

“So it’s just another monumental moment in his career. And he’s what, 22 still?” Yzerman said. “He’s a special, special guy.

“Kind of like Gretzky.”

Yes, kind of like Gretzky. At the ripe-old age of 22, Crosby already has won the Stanley Cup as well as Olympic gold, not too shabby with more of his career still ahead of him than behind the talented player. And he definitely showed up in the Olympics when it counted, scoring four goals (two game-winners) and adding three assists in seven games, so you have to give credit where credit is due.

But, and I am not here to piss all over the magnitude of what Crosby just accomplished nor do I wish to disparage the Cult of Sidney Crosby in the form it currently exists – well, maybe I am a little bit – but for every fan Sidney Crosby gained with his performance during the Winter Olympics, he also added twice as many people who cannot stand the guy. I know that he is the so-called “Face of the NHL” but to me, he comes across as a petulant whiner with an inflated sense of self-entitlement.

That is not to say he hasn’t earned that right to some extent, but even before his heroic efforts yesterday, I found something about the guy unbecoming and annoying. When he’s playing, he seems to act like he is above it all (which he just might be), that he believes he should be treated differently by the referees and his opponents simply because he is Sidney Crosby. And off the ice, he far too often has the appearance of someone who has worked way too hard to become a pre-prepackaged commodity for mass consumption – he’s far too polished, always striving to say the right thing and act the right way. You get the impression – at least I do – that you are never really going to see the “real” Sidney Crosby It’s understandable to an extent – that is what we (as well as the people who pay their salary and shell out obscene amounts of money in endorsement deals) have come to expect from star athletes, yet the manner in which Crosby does it is oddly unsettling, in a way.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me and I am allowing my bitterness about how things turned out yesterday to seep into my assessment of an incredibly talented, dynamic player. But at the same time, as I mentioned earlier, I had these sentiments about Crosby long before he fulfilled his destiny and became a Canadian icon yesterday.

Or maybe he’s just a sniveling douchebag and that’s all there is to it. At the very least, believing that helps me feel a little bit better about what happened.

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