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Scottie Pippen Isn’t The Sharpest Bulb In The Drawer

He also isn’t the brightest knife on the tree, but that’s a different story altogether.

Scottie Pippen has been many things during his time in the public spotlight: top-notch sidekick to MJ, notoriously horseshit tipper, one-man economic recession, among others. Now he can add “complete moron” to the list.

In a recent interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Pippen said he doesn’t know if it would be a good idea for the Chicago Bulls to go after LeBron James if James were to become available because he doesn’t want it to screw up Derrick Rose’s game. Say what?

Via the Chicago Tribune:

“I’m going to probably go after the best player in the game and that’s going to be LeBron James,” Pippen said. “But I don’t know if LeBron James fits with the Chicago Bulls. I don’t know if I want Derrick Rose to give the ball up and let LeBron run the show.

Yeah, Derrick Rose or LeBron James…that’s a tough one.

But Pippen defends his opinion by claiming that chemistry is important.

“There are some great free agents out there. For me, you have to have the right fit. You just can’t go and get the best player. You got to have chemistry in this game.”

I am no great basketball mind by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m pretty sure that if you were to ask every general manager in the NBA if they would take LeBron James on their team if it somehow could work out, no matter the cost, I’m fairly confident every single one of them would say “hell yes.”

But not Scottie. He’s none too bright, that guy. At least he has his looks to fall back on.

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