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Ooh! A Roger Clemens Sighting!

Roger Clemens, “[w]ith a big Texas handshake and a smile as broad as his chest” (the Daily News’ words, not mine – I would have went with “a laugh as hearty as Grandma’s beef stew, but that’s just me), made an appearance at a fund-raising event Sunday which benefited the organization Allies, Inc., a New Jersey charity that assists people with disabilities.

Clemens, who has largely withdrawn from the public spotlight over the last few years, ever since the investigation regarding whether he committed perjury when testifying before Congress in 2008, “seemed right at home” during the event, “wrapping his arms around kids and elders, moms and 20-something groupies.”

Groupies, eh? Any aspiring country singers in the crowd? Let’s hope not.

Clemens, after informing reporters the he would have “[n]one of that. No. None of that” when they attempted to ask him about the ongoing perjury investigation, even joked about coming out of retirement, a la Brett Favre. The cad!

“I know some of the writers were here asking me about retiring again. I told ’em, I’ve retired three times, surely I don’t have to do it again. But I was teasing Brett Favre, that heck if he came back, what the heck? I might as well start running again or something,” Clemens said to fans from the stage, eliciting some cheers.

Yes, that’s exactly what we need: another Brett Favre, just one a little more “‘roid rage-y.” That would be sweet. Maybe The Rocket simply “misremembered” the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to be a major league baseball player. You know, along with some other important details about his life.

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