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Lindsey Vonn Lands Guest Spot On ‘Law & Order’, Unfortunately Not As A Coked-Out Stripper

Before anyone complains,  I am simply doing my best to extract every single semi-newsworthy morsel of material out of the Winter Olympics before we don’t give bobsledding, cross country skiing and giant slalom a single thought for another four years, I bring you news that Lindsey Vonn, who is apparently obsessed with the show, has landed a bit role on Law & Order. Vonn will portray a jury foreman and even has a couple of lines. It all started with an interview Vonn did with Bob Costas on Saturday.

The gold medal winning American downhill ski champion, one of the darlings of the Vancouver games, appeared with Costas. At the end of the interview, Bob reminded Lindsey that she’s the biggest ‘Law & Order’ fan in the world. Lindsey didn’t deny it. She said it was true and the video they showed of her visiting the set and gushing about the show looked very sincere.

Well, just like a game show host, Bob announced that it was Lindsey’s lucky day. ‘Law & Order’ Executive Producer Dick Wolf had written Lindsey into an upcoming episode of the show. Costas even had notes about the role and the lines. She’s going to play a jury foreman who says, “We have, your honor” and “The jury finds him guilty.” … Well, so much for reasonable doubt!

Not a bad gig, but wouldn’t it have been far more interesting if Vonn had received a juicier role? You know, something that she could really sink her teeth into that would have showed off her considerable acting chops, kind of like how she fake cried in the arms of her husband after winning gold? That was Emmy-worthy stuff right there. I almost cried myself, I got so lost in the moment. It was either that or the raw onion I was eating like an apple. Good stuff.

Nevertheless, you have to question the stunt casting that Law & Order is attempting here. While Vonn is as red hot and marketable as she is ever going to be, the fact that Dick Wolf simply found her a role on the show just because she is a huge fan reeks of desperation. Not only that, casting her is taking a job away from a hard-working, struggling actor. Man, considering how far this once-proud television franchise has fallen, Jerry Orbach and Richard Belzer must be rolling over in their caskets.

And I am aware that Richard Belzer isn’t dead, thank you very much. He just sleeps in a coffin is all. Weird guy, that Belzer.

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