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Jeff Reed May Be Taking A Dong Photo Or Two Tonight In Celebration

You know, because that’s how he rolls. Jeff Reed plays by no rules, except his own.

Anyhoo, you will be pleased to know that two of the charges stemming from an October 2009 incident where Reed allegedly resisted arrest and raised his fists to a cop have been dropped. Whew.

Via a report in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

A district judge this afternoon tossed out simple assault and resisting arrest charges filed against Jeff Reed and gave the Pittsburgh Steelers kicker six weeks to complete community service on other charges connected to a drunken incident on the North Side.

Pittsburgh police in October said Reed attempted to fight with them when they confronted teammate Matt Spaeth for urinating outside a bar.

During a hearing in Pittsburgh Municipal Court today, District Judge Richard King of Carrick dropped the misdemeanor charges and ordered Reed to complete the community service before returning in six weeks for charges of disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. King said he would consider dropping those charges as well.

Thankfully, Reed pretty much got out of this one. Imagine if he got in some real trouble and realized he had to change his ways. I’m sorry, but a world without a drunk-ass Jeff Reed living life to the fullest ain’t worth being in. Brah.

Judge dismisses two charges against Reed [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]
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