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It’s A Blessing To Know That Tim Tebow Feels So Blessed

In an interview at the NFL Combine over the weekend, Tim Tebow wanted to make sure everyone knew how truly blessed he feels by using some variation of the word five times in one quote of only thirty-nine words.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“Well, I have been truly blessed.  And the past four years have been a blessing to me.  My whole career has been a blessing.  I’ve truly been blessed. . . .  So I just look at all the criticism . . . as another blessing.”

Yeah, we get it, Tebow, you have been blessed, truly blessed even. It’s like a total blessing. In fact, Tebow is so friggin’ blessed that his blanky as a kid was the Shroud of Turin, his toy box was the Ark of the Covenant, he spent his youth playing Pick-Up Sticks with pieces of the True Cross, drank his Sunny D out of the Holy Grail and every soft shell taco he ever ate had the image of Christ cooked into it. I’m talking about Xtreme Blessing here, people – curing lepers and restoring sight levels of blessing.

Tim Tebow defends Urban Meyer, breaks record for using word “blessing” [Pro Football Talk]