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Today In Tracking Ozzie’s Twitter: He’s On Facebook Now, Wants To Go Swimming, Loves ‘Bed And Bath’ Stores

As I mentioned previously, Ozzie Guillen may well be the the very reason that Twitter was invented. Either that or he will eventually be the cause of its ultimate destruction. At the same time, I suppose he could possibly end up being be both.

The Ozzman has been very busy over the last 24 hours. Let’s take a look and see what he’s been up to, other than pissing off White Sox GM Kenny Williams, of course.

Of course, the big news of the day is that Ozzie is grabbing on to the social media world with two incomprehensible fists – in a manner of speaking – the guy is now on Facebook!

The man is on fire! When will the madness end? I will tell you where it won’t end: at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Ozzie can’t get enough of that store.

As you can see, Ozzie casually refers to the shopper’s paradise of towels, linens and the like as “Bed and Bath” because a guy like Ozzie knows you don’t want anything to do with that “Beyond” stuff. I believe we learned that lesson is abundantly clear to anyone who watched Adam Sandler’s Click. Not that I have wasted my time viewing it, of course. Twice. Kate Beckinsale, hello?

Moving on, as a self-confident man, Ozzie doesn’t feel the need to use and/or endorse any male enhancement products like Jimmy Johnson, but that doesn’t mean he wants to invite the negative and potentially embarrassing consequences of experiencing any shrinkage.

Ozzie is well known to have a mercurial personality and fiery temper – even he recognizes these to be some of his faults. That is why he admires Dr. Drew so much.

Perhaps Ozzie can learn a thing or two about how to control himself and deal with antagonistic situations better by watching how Dr. Drew does it on Celebrity Rehab. But at the same time, can’t we all? Lesson #1: don’t buy a bunch of birds, become addicted to meth and turn into a recluse. That’s an important one right there.

Finally, today’s journey through The Life And Times Of Ozzie Guillen In 140 Characters Or Less ends with…well, I have no idea what this one means.

Huh? A little help here? Anyone?

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