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Sweet Mercy, I Would Let Anna Rawson Read Me The Telephone Book

Not only is golfer Anna Rawson drop-dead gorgeous and an absolute delight to stare at, she is also an Australian, which means if her looks don’t take your breath away, listening to her speak in that delicious accent is sure to evoke some kind of physiological response. Probably a good one, too.

A bit of a backstory first: according to our friend at Waggle Room, there is some event coming up called the Mojo 6, which is scheduled to take place May 1st and 2nd at the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course at Rose Hall in Jamaica. The tournament, featuring 16 LPGA players, will be played in a “Raceway Golf” (explained here).

Very interesting, but infinitely more interesting is the fact that fans are able to vote which player will snag the 16th and final spot in the tournament. And wouldn’t you know it, Miss Rawson has posted a campaign video on her site where she says that if she is voted in to play and wins the tournament, she will donate the $1 million prize to charity.

Let’s take a gander at that video, shall we?

Hummina hummina.

Wait. What did she say? I heard it all but didn’t comprehend one word of it. The gal has got it all, brains, body, a voice. I guess all dames have those attributes but Miss Rawson’s…wow.

And wow once again.

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