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Scott Van Pelt Is Having The Worst Week By A SportsCenter Anchor Ever

First Van Pelt gets hosed by Captain Janks in an epic prank call heard live on air where the prankster pretended to be former Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook, now a hot mic catches the SportsCenter anchor dropping an f-bomb as the show was going to commercial. It’s not an overt, loud f-bomb, like it is when I use it after the lady at Burger King screws up my order (no pickles!), but you can definitely hear him uttering the bad, bad word.

After the jump is video of Van Pelt’s on-air apology that he made when the show returned from commercial. Poor bastard.

(Via Deadspin)

In the grand scheme of things, should this be viewed as a particularly egregious offense? Of course not, but given the current climate at ESPN, methinks Mr. Sans Pelt may be facing a suspension for his latest gaffe. When it rains, it pours, my friend.

Between the Van Pelt and Kornheiser situations, ESPN is going to run out of balding on-air personalities if this keeps up.

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