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Rams GM Billy Devaney Called The S**t ‘Poop’

The position of general manager for the St. Louis Rams has to be one of the more unenviable management positions in the NFL. Sure, it’s a better gig than being the, well…holding any position affiliated with the Oakland Raiders, but to be forced to get up day after day realizing that despite your best efforts over the past two years, the team you are running is still one of the worst in the league must be disheartening. So disheartening, in fact, that some days, a person might just want to let loose a string of profanities while imploring the Fates as to why they have put you in such a tenuous and seemingly hopeless position.

But not Billy Delaney, gosh darnit. No amount of frustration is going to make him cuss up and down, dagnabit. Speaking at the combine and explaining what he thinks the Rams need in order to make the next step, Delaney – cleanly, mind you – had this to say:

“We need more players like Steven Jackson,” Devaney said. “We can’t be poop-canning them out of the building.”

Poop-canning? What the hell? Who says something like that? The only occasion one should use the term “poop-canning” is if a person happens to work at the plant which makes Hormel Chili and another person asks them what they do for a living.

Person A: So, where do you work?

Person B: Hormel plant.

Person A: Oh yeah? What do you do there?

Person B: Shit-canning.

In any other situation, either come up with a different term to describe it or go with ‘shit-canning’ for Christ’s sake.

Delaney now has two strikes against him, as far as I’m concerned:

  1. He called the shit “poop” and
  2. He is a grown man still going by the name Billy.

This is the best night of my life.

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