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PETA Attempts To Hop On The ‘Piling On Tiger Woods’ Bandwagon, Fails Miserably

Oh PETA, you misguided, psychopathic douchetards.

Above is PETA’s EPIC FAIL of a stab to cash in on the Tiger Woods hysteria for their own selfish – although in this rare instance for the organization – worthwhile goals.

Virginia Fort, a PETA representative, tells the Orlando Sentinel that her group is trying to take a “fun, tongue-in-cheek approach” in addressing the issue of animal overpopulation.

Yeah, if there’s one thing we all understand about PETA it’s that they routinely take a “fun, tongue-in-cheek approach” to matters. To illustrate, Fort decided not to spit on the Orlando Sentinel reporter because there happens to be a Sea World in that city, she merely squirted her with one of those fake lapel flowers. Filled with red paint. Ha!

To further illustrate how confused and how tenuous a grip many members of PETA have on reality, Fort doesn’t believe Tiger Woods will mind this hilarious effort to raise awareness of an important issue by openly mocking his personal life.

“We’re sure Tiger will appreciate our attempt — from a story that’s distracted the world and followed Tiger — to turn it into something positive for little tigers,” she tells the Sentinel.

Oh yeah, I am absolutely certain Tiger will appreciate it. Why wouldn’t he? Unless he hates dogs and cats, and we all know, philandering husbands hate pets. They can smell shame, you know.

Unfortunately for PETA, one problem remains with their funny little billboard: no company has agreed to put the image up on, you know, an actual billboard.

“We hope these billboard companies will understand,” Fort tells the Sentinel.

Understand what? That a borderline-terroristic organization merely wants to publicly humiliate someone in order to advance their own self-righteous agenda? That’s a no-brainer if you ask me. Any billboard company that can’t see it PETA’s way probably is led by a horrible person who eats meat, wears fur and drowns dogs for their own amusement. Horrible, horrible people. Not like the happy, friendly fun folks at PETA!

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