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Off Topic: Some Kid Got Detention For Repeating Michael Scott’s ‘That’s What She Said’ Line

This story is a few weeks old and deals with an incident that occurred almost a year ago, but it was new to me, so I’m going with it.

Now, we could sit here and debate the meritorious argument that The Office just isn’t as good as it used to be or instead we could simply enjoy the fact that some wisenheimer kid named Dalton Duncan received a detention slip for going with the played-out “That’s what she said” line during class.

From the slip above, in case you are blind. But I guess if you were blind, you couldn’t read this either. Huh.

Reason for Detention: another student made the comment “you need to push it in further” (innocent comment) and Dalton added “that’s what she said.”


I don’t care which side of the fence you find yourself on concerning the quality of the show, that’s brilliant. Further, as you can see from the slip, this was way back in May of 2009, so young Dalton Duncan deserves a smidgen more credit.

Awesome Kid Gets Detention For Being Hilarious (PICTURE) [The Huffington Post (via TV Squad)]