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Introducing Another Worthy Entry Into The ‘Terrible Brett Favre Tribute Song’ Competition

I suppose it is not so much of a competition as it is people with a little too much time on their hands openly willing to embarrass themselves by writing and performing odes to their favorite Gunslinger. I also suppose by definition any song written about Brett Favre is terrible by definition, but on both counts, I digress.

You have heard the soothing sounds of Cuevas family’s dedication to Brett, “The Ballad of Brett Favre,” now get ready to rock out to John and Kollette Lind’s  “We Want You Back #4.”

Via RandBall:

My name is Kolette Lind, and I live in Pine City, MN. I wanted to share with you a You Tube link of a song that my husband, John, and I wrote and recorded about Brett Favre called “We Want You Back #4”. We are HUGE Vikings fans, and even bigger Brett Favre fans! We were so impressed with the fans who were putting their money in to buy billboards with messages for Brett Favre that we wanted to do something special as well… so we wrote an original song and put it up on You Tube! This song was written for all the fans who hope that he will come back for another season! This past Vikings season was one that we will never forget, and we hope to continue the greatness into the 2010-11 season!

I read your article online today about the Vikings fan who took out an ad in the Hattiesburg paper with a message to Favre, and I thought that I should send you our link. Please feel free to share this link with others. We hope you like it!

Yowsers. It starts off decent enough with a catchy little guitar riff but once the Martha Davis from The Motels-ey vocals kick in, it kind of loses its steam pretty quickly. I’m not saying Mrs. Lind doesn’t have a decent voice, but maybe a singer more in the mold of a Patti Smith may have brought a more rockin’ vibe to it. BANG BANG!

Between ballads, billboards in Hattiesburg and appearances on Leno, we’re only getting started with stuff like this people. Buckle up, folks, because as I’ve mentioned before, the state of Minnesota is chock full of damn rubes.

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