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I Hope Brett And Jay Do One Of Those Hilarious ‘Jaywalking’ Skits

No I don’t. As a self-admitted Vikings fan who actually hopes Favre comes back next season, even I cannot fathom that we are witnessing the hype machine beginning to warm up already, ready for the long, agonizing haul through spring. And summer.

Anyway, I highly doubt Brett Favre and Jay Leno will perform the above-referenced “brilliance in field of comedy” routine when the Gunslinger appears on The Tonight Show with Lay Leno (ugh), tentatively scheduled for next Thursday, March 4th. The reason being that  it would probably make those Jersey Shore fucksticks jealous and then how would Leno convince them to continue appearing on his show three days a week?

It’s odd to realize that there are so many parallels between the careers of Leno and Favre at this point, and since I could not articulate the similarities any better than the Mighty MJD did over at Shutdown Corner, I’ll allow him to explain:

It should be awesome. They can talk about how they’re both unable to exit a job gracefully, how they both hate the idea of stepping aside for someone younger, and they can both give tips on how to be disingenuous and loathsome throughout the entire process. I expect that Leno and Favre will get along swimmingly.

And for those of you hoping wishing praying pleading begging who would be willing to sacrifice your firstborn child for a quick resolution to the “Will Brett Play Next Year or Won’t He?” offseason marathon, I wouldn’t hold your breath – there is no way in hell Favre will make his formal announcement next Thursday. He’s simply setting the stage. As you are painfully aware of by now, this guy knows how to go about things with a flair for the dramatic. The problem is, he then proceeds to take a steamy dump on that flair by dragging it out for another three months.

But this is all crap you already know by now. It’s the same tired thing over and over and over and it gets more irritating and hard to watch with each passing occurrence. Just like a Leno monologue.

Zing! That’s the type of material that’s going to get me on Leno’s writing team, you know.


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