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Blogs With Stones Is On, It’s On Like Donkey Kong

While you people out in Internetland waste your time reading drivel like the crap you routinely find on this here blog, those who write the blogs that make the whole world cringe are busy occupying themselves by engaging in a brutal, no-holds-barred, may-the-best-man-win underground slugfest that tests the nerves, mettle and intestinal fortitude of even the most composed and tough-minded bloggers.

Because do you know what’s better than a bunch of bloggers just sitting around, wasting the day away? A bunch of bloggers participating in the manliest of manly pursuits.

That’s right. I am of course referring to online curling tournaments.

As a favor to a few good friends of mine, I have agreed to post their photo above as well as provide them a forum to spew their propaganda. Read on:

“If you haven’t heard, PUNTE and Levy’s Blogs With Stones online tournament is holding their online curling tournament championship tonight at 8 on On the frozen ice of the internet, where flaming can be even colder than cold, three young cowboys will saddle up and ride out to face their fate. Sorcerers of rock and wood, they plan to destroy the competition, clicking their mouses and/or their mices and blasting the competition to meet whatever maker created their basement-dwelling selves. They will take no prisoners. They will take no mercy. They will take no bathroom breaks. They will probably make themselves a snack halfway through.


The action will be fast and furious tonight as the Gods of Curling attempt to vanquish their foes from the cutthroat world of online curling, which can be found at You can follow the smack talk at #blogswithstones on Twitter. But be forewarned, it could get ugly.

Case in point: here is the rebuttal from one of the enemies of the Gods of Curling:

Frightening stuff.